A simple question answered: Are recovery sandals worth the investment?

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training and recovery.

What’s the deal with recovery sandals—do I need them?

After a hard effort, like a workout or a race, recovery is key. The sooner you can recover, the quicker you can be right back at it. Those days when your body feels a bit beat up—your feet are swollen, you have minor blisters and your muscles are inflamed from the strain of your run—are when a supportive sandal or light, breathable shoe can help with comfort. Recovery sandals are not necessary for quick recovery, but feeling comfortable is crucial. Choose something that feels right for you—even a house slipper might be exactly what you need after pounding the pavement for so many miles. Treat your feet right for all the good work they do for you!

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