One Coach Shares The Best Way To Become Faster

Looking to get faster? Our resident coach shares her tips to help you build speed and, at the same time, become a stronger runner.


NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training! 

Q: I have been running the same pace for two years. What’s the best way to get faster?

The good news is that by running a consistent pace for the last two years, you have established a strong foundation! The best way to get faster is to vary the distance and pace of your runs.

For example, if you have been consistently going on 4-mile runs at 9-minute-mile pace, mix in a 3-miler at 8:30 pace once a week. Another fun thing that helps with speed is to do strides once or twice a week after your run. A stride is a 10- to 30-second almost-sprint. Do four or five strides, resting between each one, to help your legs practice what it feels like to move a little more quickly.