A Coach Says This Is The Best Way To Run Uphill

What should your running form look like going uphill? A coach explains what you need to remember as you start the incline.


“When running up a hill, is it better to lengthen your stride or do short steps to power through? I’ve heard different things!”

Good question! It depends on the grade of the hill. For steep hills, the rule of thumb is to slightly shorten your stride and lean into the incline as you lift your knees, taking quick, small steps. But for a long, gradual incline, try to keep your stride length the same as if you were running on flat ground, while lifting your chest. No matter what sort of hill you’re tackling, keep your eyes on the horizon and confidently show that hill who’s boss!

Coach Hillary Kigar knows a thing or two about running fast and feeling strong. And lucky for us, the former NCAA athlete turned high school coach has an answer for everything!