Ask A Coach: Easing Back Into Running After Injury

What is the best way to get back into running after an injury?

Ankle Sprain

NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things training! 

Q: I tweaked my ankle stepping off  a curb. How should I ease back into my running routine?

After any kind of ankle injury, the prime area of concern to pay attention to is the swelling. You don’t want to run if your joint is still inflamed, as that will only add to the stress and drag out the healing process. Ice and elevate your ankle several times a day and you should be able to get the swelling down in less than a week. Ease back into your routine by shortening your runs for the first several days and staying on flat surfaces rather than trails. For the next several weeks, watch your footing; your ankle is still weak and your stability may be a bit off. Once it feels less sore, incorporate some strengthening exercises—ankle rotations, pointing and flexing of the foot, calf raises, etc.—into your daily routine. Don’t be shy about getting back to it!

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