Are Treadmill Runs As Good As Outdoors?

To tread on the ’mill or not—that is the question!


To treadmill run or not—that is the question!

Now that it’s getting cold and there are fewer hours of sunlight, it can be tough to get a run in before dark. There are varying philosophies when it comes to treadmill running. Many elite athletes have specific treadmill workouts that are key components of their training, while others would never set foot on a machine.

Treadmill running in moderation is a good solution during the winter months. With training, as with life, we can only control so much and then we have to let the rest fall into place. The snow and dark winter months are out of our control, but a good run on the treadmill with some music on our headphones—now we can make that happen! Just remember to stay tuned in to how your body feels, especially if you usually run on the roads or trail.

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