Alysia Montaño’s #RoadToBurrito Workout Series Is Too Much

You can work out like an Olympian now and literally have no excuses.

It was a sad day during the 800-meter final for Alysia Montaño, as the nation watched runners get tangled during the final 150 meters, causing the overwhelming favorite and American record holder to go down on the track, ultimately finishing a minute behind the rest. She didn’t make it to Riot that day, but social media did what it does best: send swarms of encouragement, heartfelt messages and support to the star’s Instagram and Twitter channels.

Now, as we are almost two weeks removed from that day’s competition, Montaño has traded in the popular #roadtoRio for a more relatable (and honestly, it just sounds more delicious) pursuit of Olympic proportions: #roadtoburrito, and we can’t get enough of the commentary, workouts and background music. As of July 14, the YouTube series is on day 3, where Montaño walks viewers through a workout using weights or, you know, household items (because we’ve all used detergent in place of a kettlebell. Or a case of beer in place of detergent. Or your kid). She also walks through various safety measures for postpartum athletes as well.

Check out the full workout in the video above, and follow along at Montaño’s YouTube channel for a daily challenge mixed with the jokes that make us love her.