4 Advanced Glute Exercises Perfect For Runners

Strong glutes can mean some serious leg power for runners.

Advanced Glute Exercises WR

Take your standard glute exercises up a notch with these advanced variations.

  1. Reverse lunges with rotation
  2. Bent knee single leg deadlift
  3. Straight leg clamshells
  4. Single leg squat with leg reach

Reverse Lunge with Rotation (top left): Start standing with both feet together. Step one leg back and bend both knees to 90 degrees. Extend arms straight out in front and rotate towards the front knee. Bring the back leg forward to meet the front leg as you rotate your torso back to center.

Bent Knee Single Leg Deadlift (top right): Start by standing on one leg. Take a medium-sized bend in your standing leg. Hinging forward at the hips with a flat back, engage your abdominal muscles and reach towards the ground with both hands. Use your abdominal muscles to come back up to a standing position.

Straight Leg Clamshells (bottom left): Lie on your side with your hips stacked and abdominals engaged. Bend both legs towards your chest at 90 degrees. Extend your top leg out in front of you, keeping it inline with the bottom knee. Turn your foot so that your heel points up and your toes are pointed toward the ground. Lift your straight top leg up about 4 inches, then return it to the starting point.

Single Leg Squat with Leg Reach (bottom right): Start by standing on one leg. Bend the standing knee to perform a single leg squat. As you do this, extend the resting leg out to the side of your body with a straight leg. Tap your toes on the ground. Press through the heel on the standing leg to come back up to a fully upright, standing position.

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