A Cycling Studio In New York Is Putting An Interesting Spin On The Workout

A new cycling studio has popped up in New York and it is making waves.

Photo of AQUA Studio.
Photo of AQUA Studio.

New fitness trends are always popping up and with that comes some interesting variations of traditional fitness classes. From naked yoga to stiletto workouts, gyms and studios are working on making fitness new, exciting and a bit unconventional.

Enter AQUA Studio, a new fitness studio in New York, offering aqua cycling, which is just what it sounds like: a cycling class that takes place in a pool. The studio caters mostly to women, with nine women-only classes and one for men. Participants hop on a spin bike that is submerged in 4′ of water, up to riders’ waists. Then, riders pedal against water resistance, while protecting muscles and joints due to even lower impact from the workout.

This unique workout is popping up in the media (one People writer tried the class firsthand). The salt water pool is kept at 84 degrees and riders are required to take a shower before entering the pool and must wear water shoes while cycling; it is recommended you wear a one piece or two piece with supportive top (such as a sports bra).

Right now with only one studio, we will see if aqua cycling becomes another trend! Would you try this new spin on cycling?

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