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9 Things Only New Runners Will Understand

Whether you're just starting out or have been logging miles for years, you'll related to all of these feelings.

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We’ve all been a new runner at one point in our lives. The hardest part about being a new runner is that running feels impossible, right? It’s not! The truth is with a little patience, persistence and determination, anyone can become a runner. Here are 10 things only new runners understand.

1. How impossible it feels to run a single mile.

1 running is impossible

Don’t let the distance intimidate you! Think of each run as an opportunity to prove to yourself that you are capable of a lot more than you give yourself credit for.

2. How annoyed you feel every time another runner says they “only” ran 10 miles.

9 Things Only New Runners Will Understand

“Just 10 miles! I can’t even run three! WAIT! YOU RAN HOW FAST AND YOU’RE DISAPPOINTED?” smh

3. Registering for your very first race is one of the scariest days of your life.

3 sign up for first race

Yes, that was your life that just flashed before your eyes. But don’t panic! It feels impossible today but that’s why you have a training plan! One day at a time!

4. The struggle that is trying to breath and run.

4 cant breath

Endurance is built over time and funny enough, you’ll learn to love the feeling you get when your lungs are on fire while you’re gasping for breath.

5. Trying to figure out where to run.

5 how far from home

Not only is running 3 miles incredibly intimidating but trying to figure out where to run 3 miles is an even bigger struggle! Do you try to drive the distance in the car first? Map it out on google? Play it by ear?

6. Trying to find the “right” pair of running shoes.

6 new running shoes


7. Feeling self conscious.

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Good news! No one looks good when they run, so try not to stress about people judging you in public. I used to run at night so no one would see me. Now I embrace the fact that I look ridiculous when I run because we all do! Confidence is a muscle that will develop over time.

8. The pain!

8 ow ow ow

Sore muscles, blisters, knee pain, hip pain, side stitches, boredom induced headaches…should I keep going?

9. Being really, really, really, really, really, really, painfully slow.

9 slow (1)

You’re not a slow runner. You’re a runner. NEVER be ashamed of your pace. You’re running and that’s all that matters! I know it’s easier said than done but your pace will improve over time.

Being a new runner isn’t easy but you’re only a new runner once so enjoy it! Celebrate every painful step because today’s impossible is tomorrow’s normal! You’re doing something incredible so keep fighting to put your strongest foot forward. Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.

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