6 Tips For Successful First-Time Racers

Train for your race and finish with a great attitude by remembering these 6 things.

6. Water, water everywhere.

Up your chances of making it to the finish lines happily with these six tips.

1. Let People Know.
When friends, family and co-workers are aware that you’re training for a race, it holds you accountable. Discussing it makes your goal authentic and powerful.

2. Find a Running Buddy.
Maybe not every run, but once or twice a week, schedule to meet up with someone else or a local running group.

3. Keep Consistent.
Anything new takes time to show its benefits. Expect highs and lows but stick with it and you will be rewarded.

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4. Expect Missed Runs.
If you miss a run (or two), just hop back into the training where you are. After several missed runs, you may need to repeat a week.

5. Write It Down.
Either online, on your phone or the old-fashioned way, keep track of your daily effort and accomplishments and you will stay focused and committed.

6. Believe It.
Don’t let the little negative voices in your head win! Enjoy the process of achieving new goals. Use mantras, visualization and rewards to keep motivation high.