6 Tips To Transition Into Cold Weather Stroller Running

As the weather cools, stroller running becomes a bit more complicated. Here are some tips to keep everyone warm and happy on the run.


How To Master Stroller Running

This time of year, many runners rejoice at the relief from the humidity and heat of the warmer months. The cool weather of fall is the ideal time for outdoor workouts, but if you’re in the habit of taking your kids with you on your runs, your little ones might be less than thrilled with the changing temperatures.

Rhere’s no need to leave your kids behind for the next few months; with a few easy tweaks to your stroller game, the whole family can continue running together till the first snow and beyond.

Watch The Weather

First things first—before you head out, check the hourly forecast for the time period you plan to be outside. Fall and winter weather can turn on a dime, so be sure to watch out for any potential precipitation.

Always Be Prepared

Make use of that stroller basket and pack all the supplies. Besides the usual stash of snacks, bring plenty of tissues for runny noses, lip balm or petroleum jelly to protect little mouths and cheeks, and sunglasses to shield sensitive eyes. And be sure to pack enough of everything for yourself, too.

Bundle Up

Make sure the kids are dressed in plenty of layers that they can easily remove if the weather is unexpectedly warm. They should wear or bring a weatherproof jacket, along with gloves, hats and scarves. Consider getting everyone a pair of touch-enabled gloves to make it easier to use any devices they might bring along for entertainment.

Take Cover

Make sure to bring a blanket big enough to cover little legs and keep them from being exposed to the cold. You can also look for blankets made specifically to fit over strollers that zip up like a sleeping bag. And don’t forget a stroller weather shield that protects your kids from the wind, rain and snow while keeping heat trapped inside (many models allow you to vent the sides to let fresh air in).

Drink Up

Keep any drinks in spill-proof containers to prevent your passengers from getting wet and cold. You can also bring a thermos of child-friendly cocoa or cider; just be sure that it’s warm, not hot, when you pack it to avoid any mid-run burns.

Don’t Forget The Big Kids

If you have older kids who like to run alongside you, dress them the same way you’d dress yourself, adding an extra layer if they tend to be sensitive to the cold. And be prepared to take it a little easier than usual; the cold air can be tough on little lungs and your kids may need to go slow or take frequent breaks.