6 Plyometric Jump Exercises To Help You Run Faster

Add serious speed to your running with our plyometric work-out that will make you wanna jump!

Plyometrics, or jump training, has gained some major popularity points among running coaches and elites for its performance-enhancing power. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of adding ups to a running routine. Mimicking exercises like hop scotch and other one-legged hoppers, plyos train your body to run more efficiently and rebound more quickly while strengthening muscles to boot—all of which translate to running faster with less effort.

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By performing the following exercises once or twice a week, your legs will be primed for sweet single-leg forward motion—aka running. Fun fact: Running is actually considered a plyometric activity since it’s technically single-leg hopping while moving forward (think about it!). This workout also mixes in some side-to-side action to promote muscular balance while preventing injury.

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Workout Guidelines
Complete all reps of each exercise. When you’re finished with the final move, repeat the circuit from the beginning, or if you’re wiped out, throw in the towel!

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