5 Workouts To Help You Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

If you love running with a side of Mexican food and margaritas, you are probably pumped for Cinco de Mayo.


If there are three things I love in life, it’s running, tacos and margaritas—and not necessarily in that order! If you’re like me (a person who appreciates any excuse to consume Mexican food at every possible opportunity), Cinco de Mayo is basically your Super Bowl. Take your celebration a little further and party with one of these fun “five” themed workouts before you get your guac on at the nearest Mexican restaurant on Thursday, May 5 (5/5)! Olé!

  1. 5 miles easy: Not looking for anything crazy but not sure how many miles to run this Thursday? Head out for an easy 5. This middle distance run isn’t so long as to tear you away from all the chips and dip, but it’s enough effort to leave you feeling accomplished.
  2. 5 x 5 minutes hard: Feel like gutting it out before getting your grub on? This is the workout for you. Take a mile or so to warm up and then hit five intervals with 5 minutes at tempo or hard pace and 2 minutes recovery. Hang in there til the end and enjoy your cooldown!
  3. 5 hill repeats: Hill repeats are like a strength workout on the run, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Take 10-15 minutes to warm up. Find the biggest hill (or bridge!) nearby and run up at medium-hard effort, then slowly jog back down. Try and make your last one your hardest effort! Take a 10-15 minute cool down.
  4. 5 laps around the track: Find your nearest track and head out for some fast intervals! Warm up with four laps at an easy pace, and then get moving. Run one hard lap around the track, then recover for one lap. Repeat for a total of 5 intervals! You just did some quarter-mile repeats and improved your speed—enjoy that margarita!
  5. 5 loops around your block: Not quite ready for 5 miles or all that crazy speed work just yet? No worries – no one should be left behind on Cinco de Mayo! Shoot for 5 loops around your block—whatever “block” means to you! It may be up and down your street, around your neighborhood, or through your town. Whatever it is, get out there and enjoy the spring air at your pace.

Once your workout is done, it’s time for some fun! How will you be celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

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