5 Virtual Running Challenges For 2016

It's not too late to join one of these fun challenges.


Even though January is flying by, it isn’t too late to make a resolution or begin a new challenge. Whether you want to have a goal for the entire year or just want to stay motivated through winter, here are our favorite programs that you can start today.

Under Armour You Vs. The Year Challenge
Under Armour is challenging runners to complete 1,000 miles (or approximately 621.4 miles, or 23 marathons) throughout 2016. The company invites all runners to track their progress on MapMyRun, where they can access training tips and inspirational athlete stories. Plus, there’s a private Facebook group that allows you to connect with other athletes covering the distance.

Run The Year Challenge
Run The Edge co-founders Tim Catalano and Adam Goucher are hosting a virtual year-round program to encourage runners to cover 2,016 in 2016—roughly 5 miles per day. To participate, runners sign up on the website and create an account, which gives them access to a virtual expo, special offers and discounts, training plans and a mileage tracker to keep you on top of ground covered. Want to find out more? Read our round up of the challenge or why Run Eat Repeat is giving it a shot.

Year Of Running
If 2,106 sounds like too much of a challenge, Mark Zuckerberg has a very achievable goal—365 miles in 2016. The founder of Facebook plans to share his progress on the site, encouraging others to do the same. We shared the four reasons why we love this challenge for runners.

The Winter Warrior Challenge
Marathon Sports, the famous Boston based running shop, wants people to get outside all of January. There are three different levels of challenge—1 mile, 3 miles or 5 miles per day. Even though the challenge is almost halfway over, there is no reason you can’t start today. Or re-create it yourself in February.

The Penguin’s 100 Day Challenge
Running coach John Bingham wants people to move for 30 minutes everyday, whether it is a run, walk, cycle, Zumba, shovel snow, vacuum, it doesn’t matter. All you need to do is move intentionally for 30 minutes. Bingham chronicles his own activities on his website.