5 Tips For Conquering Obstacle Races

One obstacle expert shares her essential advice for race day.

jeannie tamayo

Jeannie Tamayo, a Massachusetts native, might be a property manager by day, but when she is off the clock, she’s an Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) specialist. And she doesn’t just compete in the races, she helped create her hometown club, the Lawton Mudders, full of fitness junkies addicted to getting dirty and running hard. With the 38-year-old “Boss Lady” (as her team affectionately named her) at the helm, members train, race and volunteer at OCR events all over the country. Here are her tips for preparing for an obstacle race.

Fueled Up
“Make sure you have fuel to keep your energy flowing. And if unexpected muscle cramps hit, I recommend downing a couple of cramp-busting mustard packets. The sodium helps ease seizing muscles to get you back up in a flash!”

Photo Ready
“I swear by LifeProof cases because they allow me to carry my phone without worrying about damage, so that I can capture my race memories for a lifetime.”

Dress Rehearsal
“Try to run a few miles in the gear you will be using for the race to make sure it doesn’t chafe and is comfortable enough to endure distance.”

Mind Games
“Come mentally prepared for a challenge. Motivation is key in these races, so stay positive and surround yourself with people who will support you when it gets tough.”

Burpee Love
“It’s important to properly train specifically for OCR races. Make best friends with burpees and your body will thank you on the course.”