4 Things I Won’t Miss About Winter (And One Thing I Will)

You will so agree—and laugh—at the one last thing.


1. Wearing 200 layers.
Winter running is an exercise in layering. Base levels, wind-proof layers, face masks that make you look like your about to rob a bank—they’re all there and all necessary. I will not miss wearing eight items of clothing just to run.

2. Frozen water.
Ah, that fun realization that your water has frozen and you won’t be drinking any liquids until you get home. I definitely won’t miss that.

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3. Lack of running buddies.
I’m extremely fortunate to have some great running buddies, but it is harder to convince people to run with you when the “feel like” temperature is below zero. I completely understand but look forward to the days where the weather isn’t a deterrent.

4. The post-run warm-up process.
The amount of time it can take to warm up after a particularly cold run can rival a marathon in its own right. I do not enjoy feeling bone-chillingly cold inside my house an hour after a long run.

And one thing I will miss…the leg shaving situation. Let me be real for a second, y’all. I’m married. The jig is up. In the winter, I am way more lax about keeping my legs shaved. With spring and shorts running weather returning soon, this will change. And I will mourn.

What will you miss about winter running? What will you be happy to say bye to?

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