4 Kickboxing Moves That Pack A Punch

If you're looking to change up your routine, kickboxing is a well-rounded workout that keeps you moving.


If you’ve been constantly pounding the pavement or treadmill, then you’re in need of change. Strap on some gloves and start kickboxing to pick up the pace.

iLovekickboxing (ILKB) is not your typical “follow-the-leader” kickboxing class. ILKB is a cross-training workout for any avid runner, as it is a well-balanced complete body workout comprising calisthenic, cardio and resistance training. Simply put, it’s a fat-burning, muscle-defining, stress-relieving, adrenaline-flowing workout that will help take your running to the next level.

A mix between resistance training and cardio, ILKB moves allow runners to get a full-body workout—gaining muscle and endurance. Bonus, switching from high intensity to low intensity moves can get you out of any running rut!

To help you during your training routine, add these four moves to your routine. These exercises will help you mentally and physically be stronger at your next race, helping you during the last “kick” on course.

JAB: This is a straight punch.
Imaginary Target: Nose

  • Stand with left foot forward in fighting stance.
  • Slightly rotate left hip forward while extending left arm and twist forearm so the fist is parallel to the floor at full extension (arm should be in line with shoulder.
  • Recoil immediately.

Quick Tip: Jabs are fast; surprise punches so strike as quickly as possible with control.

CROSS: A straight punch thrown from the rear hand.
Imaginary Target: Nose

  • Stand with left foot forward in fighting stance.
  • Pick up back heel and turn foot, knee, and right hip to the left at the same time, followed by the right shoulder and right arm.
  • Twist your forearm so your fist is horizontal at full extension; don’t lock your elbow.
  • Recoil and return to fighting stance immediately.

Quick Tip: The force of the cross originates from the hips. By using your core, you’ll pack a more powerful punch. Recoil immediately and return to fighting stance.

FRONT KICK: A jab with the heel of the foot; can be done with either leg.
Imaginary Targets: Chest and Stomach

  • Stand with left foot forward and fists by face in fighting stance.
  • Shift your weight to right foot.
  • Bring left knee up to the chest keeping your foot flexed and heel close to the glutes.
  • Keep fists up and kick straight out from the hip as if you were punching with your heel.
  • Retract immediately and return to fighting stance.

Quick Tip: Picture slamming a door open with your foot.

SIDE KICK: This kick is the strongest, because the force comes from the glutes. Keep your foot flexed as you kick out.
Imaginary Targets: Torso, Chest

  • Stand with your left foot forward in fighting stance.
  • Turn hips to the right and lift your left knee toward the chest keeping your foot flexed.
  • Forcefully extend the left leg out to the left side, while simultaneously pivoting right toes out slightly.
  • Pushing through the heel, counterbalance by leaning your entire upper body toward the right.
  • Keep hands in fists near face, retract the kick and immediately return to fighting stance.

Quick tip: Keep glutes and abs contracted.

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