3 Tips To Get Out And Run – NOW!

Whether it's a non-stop schedule or feeling too tired to run, we have the tips to help you get out and running - NOW!

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Some days lacing up your shoes to head out for a run feels like a perfect destiny. And other days mustering up the motivation to get out there feels equivalent to driving to the dentist for a root canal. Whether it’s a non-stop schedule or feeling too tired to run, we have the tips to help you get out and run – NOW!

Fake it ’til you make it. Your mom might have told that putting on lipstick when you’re feeling down instantly lifts your spirits. The theory is that doing something to make yourself feel good (whether that’s lipstick or something else) helps change a down mood. And the same thing can be said for running. If motivations wains, make a deal with yourself to run a short distance (like a mile). If you complete the distance and still aren’t feeling it, allow yourself to turn around and head home. But chances are, once you complete that mile, you’ll be in the groove and ready for more. Sometimes we have to trick our minds into following our feet!

Make a play date. Running buddies provide good company AND help hold us accountable. Establish run date times with your friends at the beginning of the week and make a pact to keep the dates. Take it one step further by inserting incentive for your buddy runs – after three meet-ups, celebrate with a post-run meal! For running mommies, meeting up with other active moms will help boost your commitment. Either run together or take turns watching each other’s tiny tots while you squeeze in a run.

Lace up immediately. Morning runners often find success by laying out your clothes the night before. Taking the guess work out of what to wear will help get you through the morning mind-fog and head out the door. If you’re an evening runner it’s easy to come home from work and get sucked into daily chores. Avoid the temptation by changing into your running clothes and lacing up your sneakers as soon as you walk through the door. Dressing the part will help you prioritize. After returning home from your run the glorious exercise-induced endorphins provide the kick you need to get through the rest of your daily duties.

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