35 Things to Do While Your GPS Watch Gets A Signal

Because sometimes it feels like it takes FOREVER.

Picture this: you wake up feeling great. You put on your running shoes, your favorite running outfit and skip out the door ready for what you’re sure will be the best run of your life. You start your GPS watch and see the signal pause at the first bar. “It’s cool,” you think to yourself patiently. “I’ll just give it a minute.” You smile up at the sky, take a nice relaxing breath and look back down only to see that your GPS watch has made no progress in acquiring that signal. So you wait. And you wait. And you wait, and you wait for what feels like ages for that happy chirp that tells you that you’re ready to run! Sound familiar? Well here are 29 things you can do the next time you wait for your GPS watch to get a signal!

  1. Hope, pray or do some voodoo magic so that your watch will get an immediate signal.
  2. Have a dance party.
  3. Check Instagram.
  4. Stumble upon your ex’s Instagram.
  5. Check your ex’s Instagram.
  6. Check Facebook.

1 (1)

  1. Favorite some tweets.
  2. Pin some motivational running quotes.
  3. Read articles about running online.
  4. Spontaneously register for a race.

2 (1)

  1. Update your running playlist.
  2. Re-do your hair.
  3. Clean out the photos in your phone.
  4. Unsubscribe to spam emails.
  5. Answer some emails.

3 (1)

  1. Make post run plans.
  2. Go run an errand.
  3. Complain.

5 (1)

  1. Read a book.
  2. Do a crossword.
  3. Complain some more.
  4. Shop online for a new GPS watch.

6 (1)

  1. Shop online for some new running tights.
  2. Take some selfies.
  3. Snapchat your friends and tell them how lame your GPS watch is.
  4. Write an angry Facebook status about how inconvenient your GPS watch is.
  5. Call your parents and tell them you love them.
  6. Go back inside and clean the kitchen

7 (1)

  1. Do some laundry.
  2. Rearrange the furniture.
  3. Grab a snack.
  4. Sit on the couch and binge watch a new Netflix show.
  5. Go to the bathroom.
  6. Go back outside.
  7. Forget the watch, just go run. (OH NOW YOU GET A SIGNAL!?!?)

8 (1)

The reason runners are so patient isn’t because they run, it’s because they run with GPS watches. (OK that’s not true.) But if your GPS doesn’t log your run…did it even happen? (Yes. Yes it did.) Happy waiting! Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.

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