35 Excuses Every Runner Uses When The Running Struggle Is Real

All aboard the struggle train!

It’s no secret, running isn’t easy. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all pinned the motivational meme, “The first step is the hardest.” at some point in our running lives. And sure, sometimes the first step is the hardest but raise your hand if every single step that follows that first step feels equally impossible! Yeah, me too.

Here are 34 excuses every runner uses when the running struggle is way too real­­:

1. You’re sore.

1 sore

2. You’re hungry.

3. You had a long day.

4. It’s hot.

5. It’s cold.

6. It’s windy.

7. It’s raining.

7 rain

8. It’s snowing.

9. You underdressed.

10. You overdressed.

11. Your pants keep riding up.

12. You’re tired.

12 tired

13. Your shoes feel heavy.

14. Your shoelaces are tied too tight.

15. Your shoelaces aren’t tight enough.

16. There’s a rock in your shoe.

17. Your shoes are wet. (This could go on forever.)

18. You’re a mile in and everything hurts.

18 everything hurts

19. You’re chafing.

20. You’re thirsty.

20 thirsty water

21. Your playlist just isn’t doing it for you.

22. You don’t have time.

23. You don’t have time to run AND shower afterwards.

23 shower and hair

24. You’re having a really good hair day.

24 good hair day

25. You have to go to the bathroom.


27. It’s that time of the month and you literally can’t even.

28. Time is moving in slow motion.

29. Your GPS watch is dead.

30. Your GPS watch won’t get a signal.

30 watch

31. Your GPS watch is obviously off because there’s no way it’s only been 3 miles.

32. You’re hitting every single red light.

32 red light

33. Your sports bra isn’t supportive enough.

34. It’s allergy season.

35. Running is impossible.

35 running-is-impossible

There will always be an excellent excuse to either take it easy or not run at all. But it’s true what they say, even the worst run is better than no run at all. I know the running struggle is real but you’re not alone. We’re all struggling together. Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.

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