3 Ways To Make Sure Vacation Doesn’t Derail Your Training

Eat Pray Run DC was just on vacation in Las Vegas and still was able to get in a solid amount of mileage. Here's how she did it.


I recently took a trip to Las Vegas for a little vacation. This vacation fell right smack in the middle of marathon training. I’ve been working so hard and was determined to not let a trip detail my training. But I also wanted to actually, you know, enjoy myself in Las Vegas! I was able to do both and thought I’d share my tips for how not to let your vacation get your training off track.

Plan ahead.

This is the most important tip and while it’s obvious, I think it can sometimes be forgotten. And when I say plan ahead, I mean plan as early as you can. Since I’ve known about my trip for awhile, I was able to switch my long runs around so that I didn’t have to run a crazy amount of miles in Las Vegas. I also made a couple of changes in my schedule the week of our trip so that I wouldn’t have to run on the day we flew out there. With ample planning, I was able to run 16 miles in Las Vegas and it fit into my training quite well.

Make it fun.

I knew I wanted to see the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign while I was out there. I also knew it wasn’t that far off the strip. As it turns out, it was exactly four miles from my hotel—perfect for my long run. I also planned to run on the strip each time because I knew it would be an adventure. And—let me tell you—running on the strip in Las Vegas at 6 a.m. is definitely an adventure!

Give yourself some grace.

I actually wanted to run 16-20 miles while in Vegas and knew that getting in 3 runs would be tricky. I let myself sleep in on our last day in Vegas (I’d been up and running before dawn the other two days) and didn’t feel bad about it. After all, I was on vacation. Allow yourself a bit of a break—especially when you plan ahead for that break and you’ll come back from vacation actually feeling refreshed and ready to jump right back into your plan!

Do you run on vacation?