3 Ways To Fit In Workouts While Traveling For Work

Even when work is number one priority on a business trip, you can still find time to work out!

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I recently spent a week in Chicago for a business conference. I was thrilled that during the three and a half days I was in Chicago, I worked out three times. I usually get in one run while traveling for work, but this trip was different. I thought I’d share a few tips on how I was able to maximize my time while on business travel to make sure my fitness didn’t suffer.

  1. Fit it in when you can. When I arrived to my hotel in Chicago, I was a bit early and my hotel room wasn’t ready yet. So, what did I do? I ran to the bathroom, changed into my running gear and went for a run. It felt great after being on a plane for a few hours, plus it was a smart use of my time. By the time I returned to my hotel, I’d been upgraded to a suite (probably for being nice and calm about my room not being ready) and checked in with no problems!
  2. Seek out what you love. As luck would have it, there was a Pure Barre studio three short blocks from my hotel. After I was all keyed up from presenting at my conference, there was no better way to spend the late afternoon than exploring my favorite cross training in a new city. It was such fun. I loved seeing a whole new studio and getting to compare it to my home studio in DC. I even ran into two other conference attendees (both from DC!) while at the class. If your favorite studio is a chain, see if you can check out a local version while traveling!
  3. Sneak it in! I stayed at a hotel about a half mile from the conference location. This meant I walked at a minimum two miles each day, since I was back and forth at least twice each day from the conference. This was a great way to get in some extra mileage (I don’t stroll; I power walk!). I also become more familiar with the River North neighborhood where I was staying.

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All in all, I attended one Pure Barre class, ran 5.5 miles and walked around 7 miles during my trip. I was so lucky to enjoy some great workouts in Chicago and continued my streak of having fantastic runs in that gorgeous city.

Do you work out when you travel for business? What are your tips?