3 Return To Running Tips For New Moms

Pro runner Alysia Montaño shares her wisdom on returning to running after childbirth.


alysia and linnea

1. Spend a minimum of two weeks resting after birth. That time with your baby is invaluable, according to pro-runner Alysia Montaño: “You have so much time, it’s not like the world is going anywhere. It’s still going to be there when you’re ready.” It is also important to get your doctor’s permission to return to running. Don’t rush your recovery!

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2. Start core work soon. Running during pregnancy alters your form. In addition to a different stride, core muscles can become weakened. Building back a strong core after childbirth is key to regaining your stride and staying injury free. Try this core workout to start again.

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3. Get back into running slowly. “You still have relaxin hormones in your body, and you just really want to give your muscles and joints time to adjust to the hormones that are coursing through it,” Montaño explains. Don’t expect to return to your old paces and distances immediately. Start out with a slow mile and build up from there.