The 3-Miles-A-Day-For-30-Days Challenge

Since the holidays can be an emotional struggle for some, Alison Désir is encouraging you to take on a challenge with her.

I shared recently that the holiday season can be tough for me. Like many people, the holidays bring up bad memories, feelings of sadness and a lot of times, conflict. I shared that I’d likely take on a special challenge to fuel me through it all and I have—a 3 miles a day challenge for 30 days.

I’d like to invite all of you to join me using the hashtag #HR3for30. So what are the rules? It’s pretty simple, actually. Commit to running (or run/walking, walking) 3 miles a day for 30 days. The goal is not to go out there and run your fastest every day—but rather use the miles as a point of meditation.

As a Project Start ambassador, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with lots of women about how to get started. There are so many obstacles and excuses to getting started, but one that I find often comes up is that women literally do not know how to start. If that’s you, take on this challenge with me! If 3 miles is too much, make it a one mile a day for 30 days. Trust me—that’s enough.

Don’t worry about your form right now or what gear you should be wearing, just know that you are getting your body moving; that’s what matters.

On Thanksgiving morning, I was able to share some miles with my mother and boyfriend in Florida and it put a positive spin on the day.


I hope you’ll join me on this challenge and share your moments of joy (and pain) along the way!