20 Situations Where You Need A Running Coach

Of course you can run without the help of a running coach, but Race Pace Jess has rounded up some times you'll surely benefit from one.

There’s no doubt you can run without the help of the coach, but people get golf lessons, ski lessons and guitar lessons so why not hire a professional running coach to help you be better at running? After all, running is a learned skill and there’s always room for improvement.

Our lives are complicated and sometimes having a professional run coach to help simplify the process, provide you with support when you need it and lead you down the running path that’s right for you and your goals is a game changer.

Whether you’ve just decided you want to start running or you’ve already completed 50 half marathons, a running coach can help you become a better runner.

running coach

You Might Need A Running Coach If…

  1. You have a complicated personal schedule and have difficulty juggling life with a training schedule.
  2. You have a history of injuries.
  3. You have a few races under your belt and now want to set some big scary running goals.
  4. You aren’t making the kind of progress you would like to be making.
  5. You don’t know how to fit everything into a running schedule and have no idea how and when to strength train, cross-train, do speed work or take a rest day.
  6. You need someone to reign you in because you have a tendency to over train.
  7. You need someone to challenge you to dig deeper and work harder.
  8. You have no idea how to get started with a running program.
  9. You need to build mental strength but aren’t quite sure how to get past your mental roadblocks.
  10. You’ve completed tons of races, but have no idea how to actually run a smart race.
  11. You need accountability.
  12. You are constantly asking all your friends 100 running questions.
  13. You are constantly questioning your training and your abilities.
  14. You struggle with knowing whether or not you set realistic goals for yourself.
  15. You simply want guidance from a professional instead of weaving together answers to questions you’ve googled.
  16. You have been doing the same thing over and over again for years and need to mix things up.
  17. You care about your running goals and want the best outcome possible.
  18. You are improving as a runner and want to take your running to the next level.
  19. You want a completely personalized, dynamic training plan that is written just for you based off the amount of time you have to train each week and your specific goals.
  20. You want to make sure you’re doing everything right.