The 15 Real Struggles Of Life As A Runner

The struggles of running are very real.

Running isn’t something most people simply choose to do, it’s our lifeline. Most of us aren’t just running, we’re running for our lives! But being a runner isn’t easy! It takes a lot of sacrifice, hard work and dedication! Here are 15 struggles all runners run in to…(Get it!?!? GET IT!?!?).

1. Trying to wake up early to run.

1 trying to wake up

2. Getting dressed and fighting the urge not to get back into bed.

2 dressed and trying to get out of bed

3. Motivating yourself to get out the door when you’re just not in the mood to run.

3 trying to get out the door

4. The necessary evil that is foam rolling.

4 foam rolling

5. Waiting what feels like decades for your GPS watch to get a signal.

5 waiting for a signal

6. Dance running like a fool when your jam comes on your running playlist.

6 dancing

7. Getting lost running in a new city.

7 lost

8. Trying to stay hydrated.

8 water

9. The terrifying prospect of having to go to the bathroom during a run.

9 gotta go potty

10. Or having to wait in long porta-potty lines on race day (and hoping and praying there is toilet paper if you forgot to bring your own).

10 porter pottys


11 chafing

12. Waiting at stop lights.

12 waiting at stop lights

13. Being passed by faster runners.

13 getting passed

14. Making sacrifices to your social life.

14 that moment when

15. People who walk right in front of you when you’re running.

15 walk in front of you

The struggle may be real but it’s always worth it because running reminds you that it’s not about how badly you want something; it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it! It doesn’t matter if your goal is to run around your block or to run a marathon, we are all running to push our limits and see how far we can go! Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.

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