14 Reasons To Run In The Cold When You Don’t Want To

Sometimes you just need to run in the cold to stick to those race goals.

Winter Runner Running

I’m sitting here trying to mentally gear up to go outside and run in the cold to do a speed workout. It’s 24 degrees outside with a real feel of 16 in New York City. The cold isn’t the thing that bothers me the most—it’s the headwinds.

The wind is unpredictable. It makes breathing difficult. It makes running an interval into the wind feel like I’m trying to push a weighted sled in the gym as fast as I can.

As much as I like to think I enjoy a good challenge, this is not the kind of challenge I look forward to conquering. Every windy, cold-weather day is another day I struggle to get out the door.

Like many of you, my running goals matter more to me than staying indoors and being comfortable. Running goals are not for people who enjoy comfort. And since I know there are some of you who are like me and struggle to get outside in the winter, I created a list of why we should go out in the cold to run even when we don’t want to.

  1. It’s good for the soul to spend time outdoors in nature all year round.
  2. You can’t predict the weather on race day, so embrace the elements. Then you can conquer anything.
  3. Sometimes doing what we don’t want to do is the very thing we need to do.
  4. Pride – finishing a winter run makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Once you are out there, you’ll be glad you did it.
  6. Cold weather is invigorating after sitting indoors in the heat all day.
  7. It increases your mental toughness.
  8. You stay on track with your training schedule.
  9. Running outside is free and doesn’t require a gym membership.
  10. It creates an excuse to buy more gear because you have to wear so many layers.
  11. Unlike the gym in winter, the roads are rarely crowded.
  12. Choosing to do something that challenges you develops discipline.
  13. It will help build a positive mindset about your ability to reach your goals.
  14. Running in ideal weather conditions will feel even easier.

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