Let’s talk about every runner’s worst nightmare.

There comes a time in every runner’s life when you realize that no amount of chafe cream can save you from the inevitable hell of having your skin be rubbed raw. Let’s talk about every runner’s worst nightmare, chafing.

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These are the 12 all too awful stages of chafing during a run.



You lather your body in chafe cream and bandages absolutely positive that you’ll walk away from your long run unscathed.  


2 bliss

It’s a practically perfect run. A little hot but your favorite jam comes on shuffle and the miles are flying by.



Was that a slight burning sensation you just felt under your sports bra? No way. It couldn’t be! You used practically the entire container of body glide! Sure, you’re sweating a little more than usual in the heat but you are lubed! You’re probably just being paranoid.



Nope. That horrible burning sensation is absolutely not my skin being rubbed raw. Definitely not. Everything is fine. You mutter to yourself slightly panicked in full denial.



Yup, you’re chafing and you’re only halfway done. You shake your head in disappointment, feel a single tear roll down your cheek, and brace yourself for what’s to come.


6 burns

Out of sight, out of mind you think to yourself as you try to focus on anything but the searing pain emanating from your skin.

7—Searing Soul Crushing Agony

7 armpit

Is time moving in slow motion? No seriously, is it? Because it feels like it.

8—The Realization


The finish line is in sight. You’re almost done! SALVATION IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. But wait…that means…THE POST RUN SHOWER.



I don’t need to shower, you think silently to yourself in full panic mode. I don’t smell that bad. Sure I’m sweaty but I’ll just use some dry shampoo and towel off. Then I’ll shower in a few days when the wounds aren’t as fresh. Totally rational.


10 surrender

Nope. Not totally rational. You have to shower. You brace for the worst, clutch the hand of the one you love most and say your goodbyes. It’s time…to shower…



There are no words to describe your screams and yelps. But like the band aids that did nothing to save you from chafing hell, you just have to rip it off and get wet.

12—The Vow

12 never again

Never again, you say to yourself as you gaze upon your reflection. Next time, you bring the body glide with you.
Here’s to surviving warm weather chafed runs! Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.