10 Ways Our Friends Can Make Us Happier Runners

Our friends are there until the end—and they make runner life even sweeter. Run Selfie Repeat explains how they make us better.

Behind every runner is a friend or loved one who inevitably takes a backseat while we run our hearts out. It isn’t easy being friends with a runhole! Between our early bedtimes, wake-up calls and endless scheming to trick them into falling in love with running, our non-running friends and family members are the true unsung heroes of our existence. Do your friends and family members ever ask you what they can do to help make you a happier runner? No? That’s weird, me neither! BUT IF THEY EVER DO, here are 10 ways our friends and family members can make us happier runners.

Bike next to us while we run.

running friends 1

We get to spend quality time together, you can hold my stuff, and I won’t get bored on my run! EVERYONE WINS!

Have a beer ready for you after a long run.

running friends 2

Just the thought of someone waiting with an ice cold beer will push us through even the worst run.

Make a surprise appearance to provide long run support.

3 friendship tunnel

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cheer tunnel, a friendly honk, or a high five, anything that puts a smile on our face is much appreciated.

Answer all SOS energy gel calls ready to help.

4 energy gels

There’s nothing like a friend or loved one who will come to your rescue when you need a sports drink, water, or an energy gel.

Make funny race-day signs.

5 signs

You will never understand how badly we look forward to seeing our friends and family during a race.

Pretend to be understanding when they accidentally wake you up at 5 in the morning.

6 wake up

We try to be quiet! We’re really, really, really sorry.

Bait us with tempting delicious treats.

7 ice cream

Want to get to brunch faster? Hold an ice cream cone in front of us.

Offer emotional support while we foam roll.

8 foam rolling

Have a cheeseburger waiting for us after our bad runs.

9 bad run burger

I’d take a bullet for any friend who has a cheeseburger waiting for me after a bad run.

Run with us!

10 run a half marathon with us

We both know you’re eventually going to run a half marathon, why not sign up today?

There’s a special place in heaven for all the friends and family members of runners. Just know that we really love and appreciate everything you do to help us make our goals a reality. (But if you could take note of the above list—especially number 7—we would love you even more.)

Until next time, #RunSelfieRepeat.