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Stories from real runners, telling first-person stories of how running helped them to where they are today.

How Running Helped Me Overcome My Meth Addiction

Written by Anonymous I started running because I was addicted to meth. I started experimenting with drugs when I was 14. First weed, then ecstasy, after that cocaine—but the one that clung to me was meth. The first time I tried it, I was in love. I was 21. I never really thought I was addicted […]

Runner Responds To Horrific Comment Regarding Her Shorts In Photo

  Runner’s Perfect Response To Terrible Race Photo Comments Laurah Lukin ran the 2017 Little Miami Half Marathon, and like so many runners, she was tagged in a race photo on the event’s Facebook page. In the photo, the runner looked strong as hell—powerful form, she was wearing kickass “competition briefs,” looked laser focused and appeared to be running […]