Whether they are monthly top hits, themed running playlists, focused around a specific workout or changing with the seasons, we have enough playlists to keep you running until the end of time. On top of our monthly Spotify lists, we also offer four running playlists per month from Run Hundred based on current events, award shows or hot artists of the moment.

What Would Your “Walk-Up” Song Be? 8 Top Olympic Trials Contenders Share Their Picks

If you’ve ever been to a Major League Baseball game, you know that the walk-up song is the one an athlete chooses to have playing as they step up to the plate. For some, it’s a song that amps up their intensity. For others, it’s something that helps cut the tension and relax. They’re super-individualized […]

What’s in a Name? This Playlist Will Show You

Inspiration is everywhere and many musical acts take it from each other. This running playlist features tunes from artists who got their names from song titles.

The Ultimate 1990s Running Playlist

A little Pearl Jam. A dash of Nirvana. The Cranberries. No Doubt? This running playlist has all the hits of the 90s to stoke nostalgia.

Mix It Up: Music Remixes to Keep You Running

Remixes are an excellent way to round out a workout playlist for two reasons: They generally focus on high profile hits because they are in demand. They cast the songs in a new light, often with a slightly faster tempo. The remix combines familiarity and freshness—generally the staples of a good workout tune—in a single […]