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Why Sell Magazines

  • Your customers love gear reviews!
  • You can show customers new product every issue, including Editor’s Choice winners.
  • Your shop will be listed as a magazine dealer on our website.
  • Good margins: 40-50% depending on your subscription program.
  • Generous terms: Simple sign-up, FREE shipping even to multiple storefronts, no payment due for 90 days, cancel your account at any time.

How It Works

  1. Sign up on this page using the simple form below. There is no payment required today and we don’t need any credit card info.
  2. We ship your magazines free of charge! Your store will receive the very next issue we release (in 4-6 weeks or sooner). We can split shipments to multiple storefronts at no extra charge.
  3. We invoice you. Payment is due in 90 days.

Pricing and Programs

We are offering two retailer subscription programs for 2019. Both programs require a minimum order of 5 copies per issue, per storefront. If you have multiple storefronts, but only want to receive magazines at one storefront, that’s no problem! You can also order 5 copies of Women’s Running for one store and 5 copies of Triathlete for a different storefront.  (We are unable to offer mix-and-match at this time, e.g. We can’t send 3 copies of VeloNews to one store and 2 copies to another address.)

  1. Non-Returnable: You order at least 5 copies of our magazine at 50% off the cover price. We invoice you and payment is due in 90 days. This is our most convenient program.
  1. Returnable: You order at least 5 copies of our magazine at 40% off the cover price. If you don’t sell every copy, you can rip off the covers and mail them to us for a refund on those unsold copies. We invoice you and payment is due in 90 days.


Dedicated to helping triathlete’s train smarter, race faster and recover quicker. One year includes 6 regular issues plus the annual Buyer’s Guide and Kona Preview issue.

Bringing fans inside the sport of bike racing, with exclusive features, analysis, expert training advice, unbiased gear reviews and the absolute best cycling photography. One year includes 7 regular issues plus the annual Gear Issue and the VeloNews Tour de France Guide issue.

Women’s Running
Delivering sharp coverage of the people, gear, training, nutrition and cultural topics that shape running and by supporting communities that help women reach their goals—in running, fitness, and beyond. Strong starts here. One year includes 9 regular issues.

Questions? Email Heather Arnold at or call (858) 768-6776.

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