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5 for 5 with Fiona Docherty

5 questions answered in 5 words or less. . . A native of small-town Taupo on New Zealand’s North Island, Fiona Docherty currently lives and trains in Boulder, Colorado. A former professional triathlete, “Fee” now favors her running shoes over her bike or the lap lane. Her recent PR of 1:12:49 at the NYC Half […]

Become a Six-Star Marathoner While Traveling the World

The World Marathon Majors aren’t just for the pros. If you’ve got a fresh pair of sneakers and a valid passport, you can run them all. Here’s how. Boston, New York, Berlin, London, Chicago, Tokyo: They’re not just exciting cities—they’re home to the world’s biggest, most prestigious marathons. Together, the races comprise the World Marathon […]