The App That Gets You That Massage You Need Stat

If you need a massage—like right now—there is an app for that. We discovered how easy it is to get the sore muscle relief you need.


The App: Zeel

If you want a massage—like now.

What runner doesn’t love a rubdown? When your limbs are screaming from a tough workout, difficult race or—you know—the day, a massage can be just the trick to bring you back to life.

A professional can produce a reduction in muscle pain and an increase in blood flow—and the on-demand app Zeel can deliver that therapist straight to your door. Simply choose what sort of bodywork you want (Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal or sports), how long you’re looking for (60 to 90 minutes) and if you have a gender preference.

A few buttons later, and you can schedule a therapist (complete with table) to arrive at your home or office in as little as an hour.

Cost: Prices vary by region, but expect to pay about $115 for a one-hour appointment.

Caveat: The service is currently available in 35 U.S. cities, so if you’re not in an urban area, you may be out of luck.