Would You Drink Healthy Alcohol?

It makes us want to raise a glass and say, "Cheers!"


Low-calorie beverages have become all the craze, especially those with alcohol (think: Skinnygirl Cocktails). But there is a new healthy alcoholic beverage on the market, and it is all-natural, low-carb and gluten-free.

Mouth starting to water? Ours too.

SpikedSeltzer comes in four flavors—Cape Cod Cranberry, Valencia Orange, West Indies Lime and Indian River Grapefruit—without all of the sugars and heaviness associated with wine and beer. So how does it work? Made from water, natural ingredients and fresh citrus, when the drink is fermented, a 6% alcohol is produced naturally.

SpikedSeltzer can be served chilled or included as a mixer. It is brewed in the United States at Matt Brewing Company in Utica, N.Y. and Blues City Brewery in Memphis, Tenn.

Have you tried any of these healthy alcohol drinks? Would you be more inclined to drink this instead of wine or beer?

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