Women’s Running Partnership with The Feed

We worked with The Feed to pick out the best food to fuel your workouts! And they get delivered right to your door!

WomenRunning (1)[2]

We are excited to announce that a Women’s Running fueling box is now available through The Feed! The partnership with The Feed is a great chance to get the best pre-run and post-run fuel to our readers.

What is The Feed? It’s a nutritional subscription service for athletes. The team at The Feed wants to make sure that endurance athletes get the best food available for their daily workouts. They test brands of gels, bars, drinks, and chews and offer advice and tips regarding their favorites. You can create a hand packed box full of every type of food you need to fuel your runs and delivered to your house on a monthly basis.

Our Women’s Running fuel box was hand picked by our editors. It includes everything you need to fuel your run, along with a free September issue of our magazine. The box is made up of brands you love and brands that will become new favorites. If you love our selections so much, you can have a box it sent to you every month. Just something to make your hectic life a little easier.

Check out our Women’s Running box on The Feed.