Women’s Running Blogger Series- Link Round Up

This week, our Women's Running Bloggers share race recaps, training goals, and life lessons on their blogs!


This week, our Women’s Running Bloggers share race recaps, training goals, and life lessons. Time to head over to their blogs for some amazing Friday reads!

On NYC Running Mama: Michele ran the New York City Marathon last weekend as a guide for her friend John, who represented Staten Island in the Foot Locker Five Borough Challenge. Since John is legally blind, it was Michele’s job to guide him to the finish line. Read her blog post to get a sense of the challenges and triumphs of running for someone else.

On Eat Pray Run DC: Courtney got a chance to run on an Alter-G treadmill this week. For those unfamiliar with the Alter-G, she explains how the treadmill works and writes about her semi-weightless experience!

On Mile Posts: Unhappy with a recent weight gain, Dorothy set out to get back to her normal self in a completely healthy way. Instead of focusing on getting skinny, she is focused on getting stronger.

On T-Rex Runner: Do you ever have trouble distinguishing what makes you happy from what makes you stressed? After a lazy weekend, Danielle realized she might actually be happier when she has a more hectic schedule.

On Hungry Runner Girl: As the cold quickly approaches, Janae reminds us that there are reasons to love winter running. Actually she gives us ten reasons. Plus there are adorable photos of Brooke, of course!