Why You Should Have A Glass Of Red Wine The Night Before A Race

Go ahead—pop a bottle to calm the nerves.


Maybe “could” is a more appropriate word, but apparently a glass of red is good for those cholesterol levels. According to a study in the Annals Of Internal Medicine, sipping on red wine at night helps with HDL cholesterol levels (the good stuff), sleep and lowering cardiometabolic risk.

Researchers in Israel conducted a study with 224 people, individuals who had type 2 diabetes under control and minimal risk for alcohol abuse and who didn’t drink wine currently. They all were assigned one of three bevvies to try at dinner: mineral water, dry white wine or dry red wine. They kept up this study for TWO YEARS, with scientists checking in at specific marks along the way with questionnaires and blood work to test the results.

The result? Those who enjoyed a glass of red at night at higher levels of the good guys—aka HDL cholesterol—in their systems. Those who drank red or white also reported better sleep patterns than those who downed water only. (Note: People all drank one glass per night, with food, so don’t get any crazy ideas.)

So, should you cap off the night before a race with some merlot? We think it wouldn’t hurt—mostly because we’ve all done it. #moderation

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