Why Summer Is The Best Season For Runners (Hint: It Involves Food)

Summer running and eating go hand in hand. Here's why we love this season.

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What? How can someone say summer is the best season for running?

Well, because to me, running and eating go hand in hand. And even though there are a lot of valid complaints about running in the hottest season of the year, it can also be argued that it’s the most delicious season.

You might have a lot of complaints about summer running…

It’s hot and humid.

You sweat before you even start running.

The high temperatures slow you down.

Sunblock in your eyes… I could go on.

The great thing is that there are tons of great foods in season right now. So after that sweaty 4 miler, you can enjoy super sweet watermelon, cherries or more of your favorite summer fruits and vegetables.

The foods in season right now include (but are in no way limited to)…

Blueberries. They are very high in antioxidants and low on the glycemic index.

Cucumbers. These low calorie vegetable are great to snack on with hummus! If you feel like your electrolyte balance is a little off after a super sweaty run, sliced cucumbers with a light sprinkle of salt might be a good option.

Zucchini. Packed with folate and and potassium. Plus it’s really delicious to make zucchini boats with marinara and cheese.

Watermelon. My personal favorite food, watermelon is full of Lycopene, which is important for cardiovascular health. Plus watermelon is super hydrating and delicious!

Get a full list of fruits and veggies in season right now at Fruit & Veggies More Matters. org

What’s your favorite summer food?