Why One Runner Joined A Gym

Why one runner decided to take a step back from running and join a gym.

why i joined a gym (1)

I love running. I really do. It’s sort of my favorite form of exercise, my hobby, my therapy and my happy place all rolled up in one.

And that’s great! But just like anything else, even your favorite things should be done in moderation. Sad, but true.

So while I can run fairly long distances and stay in half marathon shape year-round, it’s not necessarily ideal for my body. Doing the same exercise day in and day out can make our fitness stagnant. It can also get boring (or at least not as fun as usual).

And repetitive motion—including that daily pounding that comes from running—can make us more susceptible to overuse injuries.

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All of this made me realize that as marathon season is approaching, I should be changing up my workouts and adding in more cross-training. So, I joined a gym! As the salesperson gave me a tour of the treadmills and ellipticals in the ‘cardio area’ of the gym, I waved them off knowing I would get in my cardio running. But, I took two printouts of their group fitness class schedule.

I am a big believer that everyone should find a form of exercise they love (or at least enjoy). Running is my number one, but I do enjoy fun group fitness classes that make you forget, even for a minute, that you’re working out. Plus, group fitness classes mean someone else did all the thinking for me—I just have to follow along and get my sweat on.

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For now I have tried a couple different classes, mainly strength focused ones since that’s my weakness. I’m hoping to find a few that I love and go consistently for the rest of the year.

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