Why I’m Choosing To Run The Year

Join Run Eat Repeat and run 2,016 miles this year.

I love New Year’s Resolutions. And Mondays and mornings and really any chance at a fresh start. It’s the perfect time to set new goals and give yourself a little challenge. So as 2016 came into view I thought long and hard about my 2016 New Year’s RUNNING Resolution.

run the year

In the past I’ve resolved to accomplish many running related goals. They include:
Run a Marathon
PR in xyz distance
Run in a new state

So this year I wanted to do something new. The key with resolutions is that it should be something you WANT to do. If you are going to torture yourself for a year, that’s no fun! I like long distance so I decided to jump on the “Run the Year” train.
Run the Year = running 2,016 miles.

That breaks down to a little over 5 miles a day. I don’t run every day (rest days are important!) so I will break this down into weekly goals (about 40 miles a week).

run the year2

I chose this running resolution because it sounds HARD but FUN. It is going to be a big challenge for me to do it – that is A LOT of miles! This means I need to keep this goal in mind when I want to take a week off for vacation or when the weather isn’t great for running. I like that it will be relatively easy to track with a running app. And finally, I like that I’ll be super proud of myself at the end of the year when I accomplish it.

Did you make a Running Resolution? What is it?