What’s Your Motivational Mantra?

Having a motivational quote to get you through tough runs can make all the difference.

running motivation quote

There are so many motivational quotes out there on Instagram and the internet. Every morning when I am scrolling through social media, I see new fun phrases that a fellow runner would want to share. When you google ‘Fitspo’ or motivation, you’ll get TONS of results. And while I love to flip through the images and pin them every now and then, only motivation that actually will work to well and motivate is something that speaks directly to YOU.

It’s important to identify what your needs are for motivation. Do you need a push out the door or a reminder to keep going when you get tired? Just like training your body to run, you need to train your mind too. So pack a few of these motivational phrases along with you on your next run and pull ‘em out when you need a push!

I’ve put together a list of different types of motivation to get you started. Take these and run with them!

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Motivational Mantras ideas …

Are you a ‘tough love’ kind of gal? Try something like:

“I will not be stopped.”

“Suck it up buttercup!”

Do you need all positive thoughts all the time? Try something like:

“Keep it up Monica! Keep it up!” (Or you can use your own name, obviously.)

“YES you can!”

“You got this!”

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Need motivation to get started? Try something like:

“Someone busier than you is running right now.”

“A workout is only 4% of your day.”

“Lace up and log off!”

What is your motivational mantra?