What’s Your Extra Mile?

What are some of the little things you could do everyday to become a better runner?

hoka go the extra mile (800x600)

I recently spotted this 27.2 “Go the extra mile” sticker at a race expo. While I have no plans to run an extra mile after a full marathon, I grabbed one of these for inspiration because it struck a cord with me.

There are so many ways we can go the extra mile every day. The important thing is to identify what is YOUR extra mile? What can make your life, running, relationships or work better by doing a little extra?

In terms of running and training there are so many ways I can go the extra mile. I have a few weaknesses that I can really improve with a little extra work each day. For me these are:

  1. Stretching for a whole 10 minutes after each run.
  2. Foam rolling my IT band and paying close attention to my right side since it’s been nagging at me.
  3. Making sure I am hydrated before my run.
  4. Getting to yoga to work on my balance and core.
  5. Respecting rest days and giving my body time to rest and recover. This takes discipline, but is important.

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All of these extra tasks help me work on my weaknesses. I consider them the ‘extra mile’ because they do take special effort and don’t just happen without me dedicating some time to them. I have to admit these are not my favorite things to do. After a run I just want to hit the shower and EAT. But making that extra effort to stretch helps keep me feeling good and injury free.

Going the extra mile can be different for everyone based on your own goals and life. So consider what little extra you could incorporate to be a better runner. And go for it!

Question: What’s your extra mile right now?