What Sleep Cycles Look Like For Americans In 2015

An revealing chart explains the fluctuating sleep, exercise and, yes, caffeine patterns of the U.S. this year.


Chart courtesy of Sleep Cycle

Sleep cycle, an app that analyzes sleep patterns, just called out Americans on their ever-fluctuating sleep, activity and caffeine patterns during the first half of the year. And no surprise—sleep quality has been creeping in the down direction since “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU” January. The irony? June, just as summer starts to show its sweaty head, was the most active month with the worse sleep.

After studying more than 200,000 men and women, ranging from ages 18-55, the app’s team analyzed every person’s data regarding sleep patterns, caffeine intake, workout schedule and stress levels. For us women? March and April were the early-bird months for waking up extra early overall, and May was our happiest month just as spring is in full bloom. These finding could explain a few things for us runners:

1. This could contribute to why New Year’s resolutions are not only a thing, but they are also successful at least for the month of January.

2. We sleep more in February because we are so tired from cranking out those brand-new miles in January.

3. Earlier bedtimes in the spring months are just prepping those Boston-bound marathoners for race day.

4. The happiest month should be May, because that’s right before things get sticky, humid, and groggy when running outside.

5. But June is still summer, and for much of the country, June might be the first full month without any white stuff on the ground. So we work out…a lot.