What I Love To Eat Before And After A Run

Try one of these foods to fuel before a run or recover when it is over.


Egg hash
I’ve been very conscious of the amount of protein that I’m getting on run days this cycle because my appetite has been wacky. That means that I’m often eating a version of egg hash for breakfast if I’m planning on running at lunch. It usually ends up consisting of one scrambled egg, one chicken sausage, spinach, sweet potatoes and lately I’ve been adding my homemade pesto sauce. This is so good and fuels me right up for a run!

This is another good one before a run but (real talk), I have to make sure I leave extra time to process this before I head out on a run or else I’ll be making an unexpected pit stop. Ahem. You all understand what I’m saying here.

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This is my go-to before a race. I have a hard time eating very early in the morning and I can always get down a PB&J sandwich. I’ve made it my pre-race go to for a ten miler or longer. I usually eat one on whole wheat bread, but only because that’s what we typically buy.

I know. Bad runner. But, to be honest, if I’m running less than ten miles, I will probably not eat anything before hand. Mostly because (as I just mentioned), I have a hard time eating early in the morning. I typically start getting hungry around nine miles, so I don’t feel like I need to eat anything if I’m not going to be running over ten miles.

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This is of course what I like to eat post-run. And everything is accurate. All the items listed above are things I’ve eaten post run, along with pizza or a BLT sandwich. Or popcorn. Or chocolate milk. Or…you get the idea.

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