Two Major Skincare Mistakes We Are Totally Making

When the weather turns chilly, making these common skincare mistakes can prevent you from feeling your best and we explain why.

Here’s a winter weather advisory: Give dry skin the cold shoulder by revamping your regimen. Nix these no-nos, and you’ll get healthy, holiday-worthy skin.

Skincare Mistake: Scrubbing Your Face

skincare mistakes

Cosmedicine aesthetician Michele Racioppi recommends paying special attention to what you use to wash your face when the weather turns chilly. “Cleansers can disrupt the skin’s natural pH, leaving it susceptible to dehydration,” she says.

Look for products that are sulfate- and soap-free. And while exfoliating has its place, keep it to once a week, and remember that skin doesn’t have to feel stripped to be clean.

Skincare Mistake: Waiting to Moisturize

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There’s a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin, and in the winter, most of us have the latter. “Dry skin means that the skin is lacking in oil. Dehydrated skin is when it lacks water,” says Racioppi. “All skin types, oily to dry, can be dehydrated. From my experience, dehydrated skin is quite common and can lead to it feeling tight, dry and just plain uncomfortable.”

The key is to get out in front of the issue by moisturizing before you “need” to.