Try This Caffeine Alternative To Get Your Energy Boost

Made from the maca root, you can add this to a smoothie or even cook and bake with it! Meet your new source of energy: matcha.


Energy Up

These days, the options for getting a boost aren’t limited to coffee or tea. Macaccino is a natural, caffeine-free beverage made from the maca root, a superfood known for its sustainable energy. Goji berries are another energy superfood you’re apt to see in trail mixes or breakfast bowls.

“Many runners now are choosing honey versus gel packs for easily absorbable sugar during a workout,” says registered dietitian Lisa Mikus in New York.

Honey is also causing a buzz with infused flavors, including spicy ones that can perk up the brain. That doesn’t mean people don’t want caffeine. Matcha is a green tea powder in more recipes, and a product like Matcha Love Culinary Matcha is designed for cooking and baking—or how about a pre-run smoothie?