Top Reasons To Be Excited About Running In The Fall

For one runner, the transition to fall brings with it a lot to be excited about.


Even though the summer weather still seems to be loud and proud here in Southern California, it’s officially fall (at least according to the calendar). And I’m pretty excited about it for some specifically running related reasons, as well as some random love I have for this time of year. Here’s why I’m excited about running in the fall:

1. It gets cooler! I’ve read a few studies that reference temperatures around 55 degrees are best for running long distances. This can vary some depending on the person, but a significant increase or decrease in that 55 area can impact your performance.

(Here’s to hoping it cools down a bit soon because my sweat marks do not look fall-ish at all)!

2. Fall Race Season! I feel like fall is when most of the BIG races in the USA are scheduled—New York, Chicago, Marine Corps—plus tons of other races of various distances. You can find a race every weekend!

It is exciting to follow along as your friends (or virtual friends) train for their first marathon or goal race. There is a ton of buzz and coverage online, too.

3. It’s pretty. The colors of fall are gorgeous (and perfect for Instagram-ing). I don’t live somewhere that has all four seasons, but there are a few super pretty trees that change colors every year. I like it!

4. ALL THE FOOD! Hello. This is the best food season with all the treats and sweets and Thanksgiving fun. It’s a great way to carb-load and motivate yourself to get in your workouts for the reward (whether it’s food or a holiday or something else).

Question: What are you excited about this Fall?

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