Toenail TLC Starts With The Shoes You Wear

Keeping your toenails happy and healthy relates back to the shoes you pick for running.

Trying to figure out how to pick a pair of running shoes that’ll be a good match for your toes? A specialty running store can help you find the right fit.


If your shoes are too large or small, your toes will more abruptly hit the front of the toe box with each step. Take into account that your feet swell in warm weather and while running long distances.


Too-tight shoelaces can cause added stress, and too-loose ones will allow your foot to slide forward, so your nails hit the front of the shoe with greater impact. Even how you lace up your shoes can impact your digits, so talk to a running-store pro.

Toe Box

If your toe box is too low or narrow or is made of a hard, unforgiving material, it may push down on the top of your nails as you push off the ground.


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