5 Doctor-Approved Tips To Prevent And Treat Running Injuries

There are 5 common injuries that runners experience, but they can be prevented by adding a few things to your running routine.

injured runner

It turns out, there are five very common pains many runners and marathoners experience. So, if you have pain in your low back, hip, knee, Achilles/calf or foot/arch, you are most definitely not alone.

Dr. Larry Goldfarb, DC, CCSP, founder of the Medical Wellness Center of New Jersey, has worked with everyone from athletes to fitness enthusiasts. He and his team of specialize in nutrition pain management (chronic and acute).

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Here are his tips on how to prevent and treat running injuries:

Time Will Tell

One way to know if you’re sore vs. experiencing pain that needs medical attention is time. Pain or discomfort that lasts more than three consecutive weeks is considered chronic pain and something that should never be dismissed. This is your body’s way of communicating with you that something is wrong. A thorough physical exam may include X-rays, MRIs or CT scans to determine if there is a tear or if the bones are slightly out of alignment.

Add Weights

Add weight training and core exercises to your routine.

Weather Check

Check the weather. Don’t run if it’s over 90°F, below freezing or if the humidity is high.

Drink Water

Stay hydrated to prevent muscle cramping. On days you run, plan to drink an extra 2.5 cups of water.

Stretch It Out

Stretch before and after each run to keep your muscles loose. The best stretches for runners are: leg swings and walking lunges (pre-run) and kneeling position/hamstring, standing quad and calf (post-run).

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